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 THANK THAI : Premium ready to cook spices
 สมุนไพร,พืชผัก และ เครื่องเทศอบแห้ง
 Herbal tea
 Dried Fruits
 Chula Manee Herbal Capsules

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Dried holy basil leaf premium gread . help you to cook thai dish easily pad-ka-poaw or pad-kee-mow . Instant leaf does not just only have a good smell but also have a bright green color
Vacuum Dried Thai Holy basil Leaves (10 grams pack) ใบกะเพราอบแห้ง
Price 1.83 USD
Premium Dried Sweetbasil ( Thai basil ) is processed by high tecnology Vacuum dryer This product can by use substitute for fresh basil By adding it into spicy souos. it will rechange into original
Vacuum Dried Thai sweet basil ( horapa) in 10 grams pack
Price 1.83 USD
Lemongrass-pandanus Tea (ชาตะไคร้ใบเตย)
Lemongrass-pandanus Tea (ชาตะไคร้ใบเตย)
Price 2.00 USD
Dried Ginger
Dried Ginger ( ขิง อบแห้ง )
Price 2.00 USD
Dried Black Galingale (กระชายดำอบแห้ง)
Dried Black Galingale(กระชายดำอบแห้ง)
Price 2.00 USD
tom yum set pack
Tom Yum set pack ( เครื่องต้มยำกุ้ง อบแห้งแพค )
Price 2.17 USD
Jiaogulan in capsule (เจียวกู่หลานชนิดแคปซูล)
Jiaogulan in capsule (เจียวกู่หลานชนิดแคปซูล)
Regular 16.67 USD  
Special 13.00 USD
Chameleon Plant (Dokudami) in capsule ใบคาวตองชนิดแคปซูล
Chameleon Plant (Dokudami) in capsule ใบคาวตองชนิดแคปซูล
Regular 16.67 USD  
Special 13.00 USD
Dried Butterfly pea flower tea
Dried Butterfly pea flowers (ดอกอัญชันอบแห้ง)
Price 2.00 USD


        Food lovers around the worid have recognized. Thai food for its Super taste.main rea son behing the famous and popularity of Thai food the uniqueness of taste deriving from combination of various ingredients and spices.  

Keow waan curry       Uniververlly Known as Thai Green Curry its unique Thai flavour is derived from the combination of Sweet basil leaves ,lemon grass, spices, green chillies and bergamot leaves. Suitable with chicken ,beef, pork or p

Panaeng Curry      THis rich, thick and warmly spiced coconut based Curry is laced rith the distinct flarour of keffir lime leaves. A popular curry in Thai cuisine since it is suited to a variety of meats

 kaeng phet curry         REferred by many as Thai Red Curry, this rich,mildly hot and delicately spiced Curry enhanced with galangal, lamon grass,and red peppers , is one of the hallmarks of today's Thai cooking . perfect with chicken , beef , pork or lamb

Massaman curry   A blend of warm oriental spices , cumin, cinnamon ,tamarind and peanuts characterize this mildly hot , sweet and deliciously rich Curry. Very popular and highly acclaimed amongst visitors to the Thai Kingdom. May be prepared with beef , chicken , lamb and pork

 Holy basil

   Holy basil is either light green or dark purple is commonly used in Thai salads and stir - fried dishes , and it is good for indigestion

Sweet basil 

 Fresh Sweet basil leaves add flavor and aroma to Thai cooking , especially in Green and Red curry. They also make a wonderful garnish and relieves cramps.


Galangal is a kind of ginger, but harder with light pinkish flesh. It adds a wonderful flavor to many dishes and relieves stomach discomfort. 

Lemon Grass 

 Another main ingredient in Thai cookery ,it adds flavor and aroma as well as being good for indigestion.


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Hot Product/Service
Vacuum Dried Thai Holy basil Leaves (10 grams pack) ใบกะเพราอบแห้ง
Price 1.83 USD
Chameleon Plant (Dokudami) in capsule ใบคาวตองชนิดแคปซูล
Regular 16.67 USD
Special 13.00
Jiaogulan in capsule (เจียวกู่หลานชนิดแคปซูล)
Regular 16.67 USD
Special 13.00
Anti Hemorrhoids Compound Capsule (ยาบรรเทาริดสีดวงทวารชนิดแคปซูล)
Price 21.67 USD
Dried pandanus leaves(ใบเตยอบแห้ง)
Price 2.00 USD
Dried Kaffir lime skin (ผิวมะกรูดอบแห้ง)
Price 1.83 USD
curry powder
Price 2.17 USD
ginger powder
Price 2.00 USD
Vacuum Dried Thai sweet basil ( horapa) in 10 grams pack
Price 1.83 USD
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